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Do you have any technical questions, general enquiries or do you need additional information? Don’t hesitate to contact our experts. With their expertise and experience in lifting services, they will gladly help you.

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All our projects form around a lifting or handling challenge. We combine lifting expertise with cutting, welding, and other mechanical competencies in offshore decommissioning projects. 
The “power of preparation” lets Conbit act as a turnkey contractor. Heavy-lift contractors or platform owners can transfer significant parts of the project risk to Conbit. This unique ability to estimate and prepare for the project risks has allowed us to take ownership of heavy-lift preparation packages and other decommissioning scopes.

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Preparation makes the difference.
Whether you consider small piece removal of your offshore facility or you look to contract a heavy lift vessel, you benefit from Conbit’s unique set of competencies. The individual competencies are not special. However, having all these competencies in one specialist contractor is unique.
Heavy lift preparations
Many aging assets are removed in a single lift or a few large lifts. Heavy lift contractors are required to perform large lifting projects. Conbit offers options to bring in the largest vessels late in the project to use the marine spread effectively. 
Minimizing costs by using a flexible and integrated approach for the decommissioning preparation works is Conbit’s contribution to the decommissioning industry.

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We enjoy providing our clients with unique solutions. We are praised for challenging the status quo. “We’ve always done it this way” is not an excuse to avoid looking for alternative approaches. Taking a step back can make you rethink your current view.

Our clients expect creative approaches from Offshore Operations Maintenance
. They reach out to us for our out-of-the-box thinking.


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